Our Mission

To be an agent of productive change in society by supporting the growth of social capital in communities.

What’s the Role of A Community Organizer?

Growing Grassroots Leaders

"It’s a powerful moment when people recognize the potential they have within. You notice how Council members zoom in and pay attention to what [people] have to say. It makes me very proud,” says Miguel Rodriguez, community organizer with CAUSE.
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Creating Safer Streets & Neighborhood Leaders

"I begin by building relationships with other residents and listening to their concerns before I invite them to a meeting,” Ana Rico says of her organizing philosophy with COAST .
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Building People Power

"When I think about community organizing, anyone can list issues such as affordable housing or saving a bus route,” says Hazel Davalos, CAUSE Community Organizer. “Getting the bus back isn’t the only measurable goal. It’s also how many leaders you build in the process.”
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Community Empowerment

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